League Of Legends Shaco Nasıl Oynanır?

Shaco gizli bir canlı Soytarı Kutusu ortaya çıkarır. Soytarı Kutusu tetiklendiğinde yakındaki rakipleri korkutup onlara saldırır. Shaco’nun bıçakları isabet ettikleri hedefleri pasif olarak zehirleyerek hareket hızlarını düşürür. Shaco bıçaklarını fırlatarak hedefine hasar verebilir ve onu zehirleyebilir.

What are the best Shaco build guides for League of Legends?

LoL Champion Build Guides: Shaco. 1 Shaco The Demon Jester. Find the best Shaco build guides for League of Legends S11 Patch 11.14. The MOBAFire community works hard to keep their LoL 2 Shaco Build & Runes. 3 Shaco Counters. 4 Shaco Skins. 5 Shaco’s Abilities. More items

How much damage does Shaco do in League of Legends?

Shaco is a champion in League of Legends. Innate: Shaco’s basic attacks deal 20 − 35 (based on level) (+ 15% bonus AD) bonus physical damage when striking an enemy from behind. Deceive and Two-Shiv Poison also have additional effects when they strike an enemy from behind.

What is Shaco?

Crafted long ago as a plaything for a lonely prince, the enchanted marionette Shaco now delights in murder and mayhem. Corrupted by dark magic and the loss of his beloved charge, the once-kind puppet finds pleasure only in the misery of the poor souls

How do you use Shaco’s shivs?

Shaco creates a hidden animated Jack-in-the-Box. When triggered, it will fear and attack nearby enemies. Shaco’s Shivs passively poison targets on hit, slowing their movement speed. He can throw his Shivs to deal damage and poison the target. The thrown Shiv deals bonus damage if the target is below 30% health.

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